Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Traditional Massage Oil Benefits Derived from Indonesia

Various Oil Rub

Warmth when topical ointments because ointments can dilate blood vessels in the skin surface. Because of this widening, the blood that flowed on the surface of the skin more and cause a sense of warmth that can ease the pain. Ointment can also relieve itching from insect bites.

You may be one of fans of traditional ointment Indonesia, and usually carry in your purse or your pocket. Here are some commonly used ointment, of what made and the composition of the material contained therein:

White Wood Oil
Origin: Ambon
Benefit: Eliminates flatulence, abdominal pain, warms the body.
Remedy: Derived from the leaves and twigs of eucalyptus plants. Contains eukaliptol, acetate ester, pinene and limonene.
Oil Hornet
Origin: Makasar
Benefit: Eliminates itching caused by mosquito or other insect bites, treat wounds, bruises from the impact or for a massage.
Remedy: Made from coconut oil are added eucalyptus oil, pepper leaf, onion, ginger and turmeric.
Lawang Oil
Origin: Ambon and Papua
Benefits: Useful as body warmers. Warmth is produced warmer than oil or eucalyptus oil wasps. Usually used for patients with rheumatoid arthritis or for massage.
Remedy: It is not known definitely potion maker.
Telon Oil
Origin: Jawa tengah
Benefits: Usually used in infants. Useful to warm the baby's body, preventing the flu and can provide a sense of calm in infants.
Remedy: Made from 3 types of oils of eucalyptus oil, fennel oil and coconut oil. Some manufacturers replace coconut oil with olive oil or lavender oil.
Oil Kasturi or Gondopuro
Origin: Various areas in Indonesia.
Benefits: Beneficial for treating sprains, aching rheumatic pain and reduce the itching from insect bites.
Remedy: Made from oil gondopuro.
Sandalwood oil
Origin: Java, NTT, and Timor.
Benefits: Usually used as aromatherapy and protects skin smoothness.
Remedy: Contains santalol, santalen, santenon, santalal, santalon and isovaleriladehida.
Pecan Oil
Origin: Various areas in Indonesia.
Benefits: The benefits to nourish hair, skin fasteners, and help overcome the respiratory disease. This oil can also ward off ultraviolet rays from the sun.
Remedy: The content contained in it is vitamin B6, vitamin E, thiamin, and phenolic antioxidants.
Clove oil
Origin: Various areas in Eastern Indonesia.
Benefits: Beneficial to warm the body and can be used fatherly relieve mild toothache.
Remedy: Made of clove oil contains eugenol to kill bacteria and fungi that cause pain.

Ointment made from the distillation of a variety of plant material that is added by the author solvent. Various plants of this penghasilnya distinctive odor, so that the kiss can be differentiated type.

Indonesia's rich variety of plants that can overcome the disease. One is the different types of oils that are familiar in the community. In order to avoid negative effects, use products that have been registered in BPOM. If oil is made traditionally and are not registered, you can test by rubbing on a small portion of skin on your hands. If the reddened skin or allergies, stop use of the ointment.


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