Monday, October 17, 2011

Skin beauty secret of Japanese women

white women's desire, in harmony with the clothes worn in the spotlight of the adam.Tidak difficult to actually care for the skin to tetep beautiful, smooth, white and mempesona.Jawabnya only perawatan.Benua Asia, is a continent rich in tribal culture and color kulit.Daratan China and Japan is famous for its white net and the beauty of thought may memmakai kulitnya.Banyak class cosmetics expensive to maintain and care for beautiful skin meraka.Jangan wrong, Japanese women were more like traditional skin treatments such as the ancestors of our beautiful recipe dulu.Mau tau their skin? Let's find out the tips below.

With rice Sticky rice, an ingredient which is easily available in the market and the price is relatively murah.Bahan was also popular in treating kulit.Kok Japanese women can? Many who may not believe it! So on and follow the way he certainly proved to be more easily and faham.Cukup with glutinous rice and cloth,,, etc., plus patience and kesabaran.Anda Japanese women want to imitate the skin with skin care and practical economical price.

Here's how:

Glutinous rice should be washed once a minute and should not be soaked in water tiriskan.Tapi, the goal is only to remove impurities from the glutinous rice.
Enter the glutinous rice in a bag made of satin and cotton fabric.
Mash-land rice berlahan until halus.perhatiaan, not to corrupt pockets that could cause the rice scattered everywhere.
Dip the bag of rice into the water mashed hangat.Diamkan for how many minutes, or until it changes like milk.
Rub the bag of rice to 2 mnit merata.Diamkan.
Rinse with cold water.
After use, do not throw bags of rice this rice tersebut.karena collision can be used up to 2-3 times pemakaian.Cukup hang in a dry bag and away from sunlight.
Good luck.

Well for husbands or who have cwek cwok full makeup, how it given tau besides mending not reach the pockets too dalam.Kulit also impressed also will look more natural without polesan.bagi makeup women should remember, it would be noble if it turns in a way -simple way of life-saving results tinggi.Belajar origin of life untreated increasingly become more hidup.Benar not?


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