Monday, October 17, 2011

Secrets of the body and skin to look beautiful and exciting and different ways of treating

Hand Body Lotion Always carry when traveling anywhere, because to keep the skin. especially for the skin of the hands and kaki.Dua this section the most important thing that must be considered and treated by the wanita.Dan do not forget to use the cream for hands, one of them for reasons of work, ". because almost every job dilakukakan by hand, and do not forget tangan.Semua to always wash it to keep clean and that the skin does not feel very well penting.Selain kering.Bagian feet do not forget to prepare the hand cream to maintain the smoothness of the foot, the foot is identical with the grace of a woman, if you use high shoes feel more confident if the skin looks smooth, and also a lot of men will judge women more beautiful if you pick the foot is also down menarik.Cara problem in the foot, especially the feet dry and cracked feet that pecah.Untuk it looks virtually perfect if in addition to the face, skin and body shape, leg despite getting very special attention.

Facial Routine to clean the skin, do not do facial which aims to whiten the face.

Routine facial hair Wax to clean the feet and hands.

Using Hair Extension.

Spa and also occasionally undergo Messege to treat breast.

Exercise every day, preferably diawalai with running and light weight training, afternoon to the gym.

Maintain a healthy diet with minimal carbohydrates, prefer to cook by fire, use zaitun.Mengganti carbohydrates with vegetable oil and a good meal during abstinence buah.Tidak jumplahnya limited.


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