Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Some Fruits of Indonesia and its benefits for health

A variety of local fruit in Indonesia is a fruit that tastes delicious. Fruit is a kind of tropical fruit. It turns out a variety of local fruit is delicious to eat but has many benefits even for health. Here are some of them.

Tan is one common type of skin color is given for those who have slightly darker skin. This is not surprising because the skin and flesh colored chocolate brown fruit with very sweet flavor. Rich in carbohydrates because 20% portion of sugar. Sapodilla contain vitamin A, vitamin B, vitamin C and potassium are high so it is good to maintain healthy blood vessels.
Persimmon is a fruit which is like using talcum powder, because there is a section on the skin like a white powder. Can be used to maintain healthy teeth because it contains fluoride and is useful for maintaining healthy gums and mouth.
Jeruk Bali
Grapefruit has a thick skin and like a sponge. Shaped like an orange, but in a larger size and white or pink. Flavonoids, pectin and lycopene are compounds contained therein. Serves to lower cholesterol, prevent anemia and reduce the risk of heart disease. In addition, the skin of grapefruit can be made into a variety of interesting crafts.
Jambu Air
Guava water with red or green color is typical. This fruit contains a lot of water. Fruit which is eaten with the skin contain vitamins A, C, calcium and protein. The benefit to keep skin moist and fiber for digestion.
Red Guava
Guava is a fruit with vitamin C content in addition to a very high content of calcium, iron, phosphorus, vitamins A and B1. We recommend that you eat this fruit with the skin because the flesh near the skin that contain vitamin C at most.
Duku is a fruit with a small round shape and has a flesh that tends to clear. Having lots of minerals like calcium, phosphorus and iron. Useful for treating diarrhea and digestive system.
Starfruit is the name in English. Star fruit is indeed a star-shaped with five corners. The content of vitamin E in it useful for skin beauty. The fruit is also believed to lower blood pressure in hypertensive patients.
Guess-guess the mangosteen fruit. This fruit is frequently used as material charades to guess the contents inside. Although his skin is black, but the flesh is white and has great benefits because the content of antioxidants, antibiotics and antiviral high. This fruit can relieve fatigue and vertigo problems.
Soursop commonly eaten with added sugar, syrup or created juice. Her skin was green and white flesh. Benefits as a regulator of blood sugar levels and fight bacteria in the body.
Salak salak pondoh is a type known in Indonesia that has the best quality. The taste is sweet and crunchy fruit make this quite liked. Brown scaly fruit can relieve a waste water continuously. This also should make you not consume too much, because you can-can be difficult to dispose of water.
Rambutan fruit with characteristic hair can be found easily on the season. The fruit is sweet like white children to adults. The content of antioxidants in the flesh is very large, so it is good for health. One that has a flavor that is delicious rambutan rapiah.
The flesh is yellow pineapple with sweet and sour taste, became one of the favorite fruits in a salad. The benefits of pineapple, among others, can help the problem in narrowing the blood vessels are covered in fat, helps digestion and is useful for you who are dieting.
Papaya fruit has orange flesh and black seeds of small round object. Beta-carotene is the highest nutrient content in it. It also can inhibit breast cancer cell growth.
One of many favorite fruit is mango. Fruit is usually desirable young pregnant women because it tastes sour. But, if it has matured, yellow flesh will taste sweeter because the sugar content is high enough. Beneficial for skin health and controlling blood pressure.

In addition to cheaper, enjoying the local fruits into one of the variations in enjoying the fresh fruit. So, do not hesitate to taste the freshness of the fruits of their own country and feel kenikmati well as benefits.


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