Monday, October 17, 2011

Tips and tricks to keep the skin that are not easily wrinkled

If every woman wants to look beautiful and youthful, which is often seen first is about the condition kulit.Keadaan good on skin types must be known so that the skin sipemilik know what things should be done to maintain premature aging, such as the prevention of skin so as not to keriput.Kondisi easy healthy body will much affect the elasticity of the skin, in the can by the way how the course should be able to keep the intake of nutrients that enter the body every other day sporting a youthful teratur.Tampil must remain dijaga.Karena age is not the only culprit Shriveling kulit.Faktor these external factors are also involved berperan.Berikut-faktos that cause premature aging of the skin, complete with how to overcome them:

1.Tipisnya layer ozon.Akibatnya UVA and UVB rays increasingly harmful UVA kulit.Sinar can cause dark stains and UVB keriput.Sinar terbakar.Tingkat pollution can make the skin can also cause skin stress.

2.Merokok, can cause frown lines disekita cheek and lip line, because that will reduce the nutrients the body needs (vitamin C).

3.Kurang Nutrition, do not enter the food that does not have the vitamin content, so the body only with the dregs.

4.Kurang rest, body needs a break to allow the formation of new cells can be accomplished with sempurna.Jika you sleep less than 8 hours a day, the formation of cells needed tubuhpun less than perfect.

5.Jarang sports.

6.Pakai cosmetics continue menerus.Biarkan momentarily free skin cosmetics to get bernapas.Menutupi face continuously with the foundation cause clogged pores, so the toxins that must be removed from the body to be hampered.

7.Stres, If you are stressed, certainly face becomes wrinkled, the forehead, eyes, bibir.Kadang stress also cause nausea in the body, making it difficult to eat.

8.Posisi slept wrong, the habit of side sleeping position left / right or prone skin can quickly mengkerut.Masih menyebkan remember the law of gravity pulling things down? The prone position make the face turned down.

Things to do to prevent skin wrinkles begin:

a.Rawat face when entering the age of early mungkin.apalagi 3.Selalu head clean wajah.Gunakan cream, facial cleanser on the entire face as he massaged the mask keluar.Kenakan gergakan rotate every two times a week so that the skin becomes taut.

b.Stop cigarettes, cigarettes can dispose of vitamin C is necessary for healthy skin.

c. Eating nutritious foods, Terminology You are what you Eat is true adanya.Vitamin C and vitamin E are very useful for the formation of new cells in the skin and bind to substances that are not useful for the skin.

d.Cukuq Rest, Rest 8 hours.

e.Olahraga regular exercise can make breathing irregular, so it needs oxygen to the brain-organ tercukupi.Organ can work optimally.

f.Gunakan pelembab.Jika you move outdoors, need a cream that contains sun screen protection.Lengkapi your car with UV filter glass.

g.Hindari stres.Having fun is the best Dealy cream.Jadi, avoid stress!

h.Hindari gravitasi.Usahakan terlentang.Ini sleep is terbagur position, as against the gravity of the earth.

Good tips and tricks above can be useful to the reader, if you all might want to try a higher awareness for healthy, sweet greetings from luzi.Moga useful tips and tricks.


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